Private Lessons

Students have the opportunity to sign up for private acting lessons during school hours as enrichment of classroom instruction. These lessons are designed to build confidence, enhance their acting skills and broaden their range.  Please consider this incredible, important, and fun opportunity to develop your individual talent!  Let Ms. Brewster or Mr. Davenport know if you are interested in signing up.

Lesson Information

  • Private voice lessons will be given through the Lovejoy Theatre Department during class time, or other arranged time. Class time will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • There will be one 23-minute lesson per week.
  • The cost is twenty dollars per lesson.
  • Monthly payments in the form of check or money order are due to the lesson teacher at the beginning of each month. This will usually be $80.

Expectations of the Student

  • Come to the lesson prepared, with a cooperative and respectful attitude.
  • Bring all assigned materials to each lesson.
  • Recommended home rehearsal is encouraged.
  • Actively seek performance opportunities.

Drop Policy

  • Students should make acting lessons a long-term commitment. (Ideally, for the entire school year)
  • If an unavoidable situation arises making it impossible to continue lessons, the student is expected to finish the lessons for the month that is paid for (no refunds).
  • If expectations are not met, the teacher may choose to discontinue lessons after finishing the month that is paid for.

Absence Policy

  • If a student knows they will be absent, they should notify their teacher by phone. Failure to notify the teacher will result in default of the lesson.
  • Excused absences will be made up per the teacher’s schedule.
  • If a teacher cannot make up a lesson, they may elect to credit the lesson back.
  • In the event the teacher must be absent, notification will be made and lessons made up at the earliest possible time.