Hot Topic Cast List

Zach A.
Sylvia H.
Austin K.
Sloane M.
Marcie S.
Devyn V.

Joey C.
Leighton F.
Bryce F.
Claire M.
Elle M.
Makell O.
Mikayla S.
Emmy S.
Luke W.
Nathan Y.

Elese A,
Emma B.
Grace F.
Maddie K.
Page W.

Lauren B.
Hope C.
Zane D.
Kendall H.
Ethan J.
Avery M.
Payton N.

Thank you to all who auditioned and shared their talent and hearts with us through this process!
We hope that no matter what the results are you know how dear each of you are to us and how proud we are of your holding room camaraderie and risk-taking with bold choices
Tech Sign up is available at for those of you wishing to be apart of the production in that way.
Our first rehearsal will be Monday August 27 at 4:30 in the black box!

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