Fiddler on the Roof Cast & Crew Meal Form & Payment Information

Meals will be available for the cast and crew, Monday, January 16th through Friday, January 20th. All meals will include water, veggies/fruit and a small dessert. We do this since the student performers don’t have a lot of time after school before the rehearsal, or show and are STARVING!

• Cast party – after the final performance (at the Edwards’s house). Only cast and crew are invited, sorry – no dates. Members of the Booster Club board will serve as chaperones.

• Cast Poster – allows space for the cast to autograph their poster, we put them out for all the kids to sign the closing night.

Meal Forms MUST be completed through GOOGLE DRIVE by your STUDENT (even if they don’t want to order meals)

We prefer online payment, but if you would like to pay by check or cash, you can send to the Theatre room in Ms. Brewster’s office to put in a locked box.

The deadline for the meal form is Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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