Production Class Advances to Bi-District OAP Competition

Photo Credit: Cathy Haden

Photo Credit: Cathy Haden

The Production Class’s One Act Play of “Nevermore!” advanced to the Bi-District competition. ┬áThe cast and crew received the following awards:

Outstanding Technician
Sonali Mehta

Best Tech Overall
Lovejoy HS

Honorable Mention All Star
Lindsay Haden

All Star Cast
Trace Glorioso

Best Actor
Jeremiah “Jak” Barth


The Bi-District Competition is March 24th at Grayson College.



This production concentrated class teaches the students all the different aspects of production and how they unify to create a moving, memorable experience. Students will experience all aspects of production, yet will have the freedom to “specialize.” The acting track will expose them to a variety of theories. By collaborating with others, they will learn different methods and re-fine their own personal style for character development. The tech track offers design and crew head opportunities in technical theatre including sets, lighting, props, publicity, costumes, make-up and sound. The technician will have opportunities to specialize in the areas of personal interest. All students should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time as needed outside of class in preparation for all upcoming productions. Everyone is required to be a part of ALL LHS productions in some way-tech or acting. If you cannot make this type of commitment, we ask you to respectfully choose another class. It is important for both actors and technicians to be able to understand, have a strong working knowledge and appreciate both halves of one whole. Requires audition/application/interview and teacher approval.