Lovejoy Theatre 10 Year Celebration

Celebrating 10 years of Excellence in Lovejoy Theatre

Saturday, January 2, 2016
 7:30 pm
 El Dorado Country Club
 Dinner Provided
 Tickets: $35 

Complete and print the attached invitation and return form with payment attached. Please make checks payable to the Lovejoy Booster Club.

 Checks can be dropped off in the Grey Box in the HS Theatre Room before Dec 18. 
 After Dec.18, please contact Cecelia Vaughn at 469.231.2821
 The last day to make reservations is Dec 24.

Seussical Rehearsal Calendar

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Seussical Cast parents, please don’t forget about our meeting on Thursday, November 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the LHS Choir Room.  E-mail Ms. Brewster if you are unable to attend.

The monthly calendars for Seussical are listed below.  Please understand that they are subject to change.  We will give advance notice of any changes.  All absences should be written down in advance and given to Ms. Brewster.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Advanced Technical Theatre

The students will be exposed to many areas of Technical Theatre in this class. There is an emphasis placed on developing previously learned skills and schemas, broadening the under-standing of each element of technical theatre, and applying skills in different ways in new productions. Students should be prepared for anything when it comes to this class. They might have to help paint backdrops, build a set piece or change lighting on a whim. Requires audition/application/interview and teacher approval.


Technical Theatre One

The students will be exposed to many areas of Technical Theatre in this class. A broad overview of each section listed will be covered:

1. Theatre Safety/Physical Theatre Spaces

2. Stagecraft/Theatre Design Skills

3. Theatre Lighting

4. Make-up

5. Costuming

6. Sound

7. Props

8. Publicity


This production concentrated class teaches the students all the different aspects of production and how they unify to create a moving, memorable experience. Students will experience all aspects of production, yet will have the freedom to “specialize.” The acting track will expose them to a variety of theories. By collaborating with others, they will learn different methods and re-fine their own personal style for character development. The tech track offers design and crew head opportunities in technical theatre including sets, lighting, props, publicity, costumes, make-up and sound. The technician will have opportunities to specialize in the areas of personal interest. All students should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time as needed outside of class in preparation for all upcoming productions. Everyone is required to be a part of ALL LHS productions in some way-tech or acting. If you cannot make this type of commitment, we ask you to respectfully choose another class. It is important for both actors and technicians to be able to understand, have a strong working knowledge and appreciate both halves of one whole. Requires audition/application/interview and teacher approval.


Advanced Acting

The students will be exposed to many areas of acting in this class. The information is extremely large in each of the areas and because of this only a broad overview of each section will be covered. The following are some of the areas that the students will be working on during the year:

1. Auditioning/Choosing Monologues

2. Vocal/Focus Exercises

3. Movement

4. Methodologies

5. Duet/Group Work

6. Directing

*Requires audition/application/interview and teacher approval.

Beginning Acting

This acting concentrated class teaches the student acting by exposing them to a variety of theaters including Sanford Meisner’s and Constantine Stanislavski’s. By learning the different theories and basics, the student will be able to develop their own personal style for character development. The student will spend a year in an acting studio atmosphere, experimenting with different genres of theatre ranging from children’s theatre to serious historical dramas. In addition, upon completion of this course they will have headshots, an acting resume, and a developing portfolio. The actor will spend time working on improvisation, monologues, as well as scene work.  Requires audition/application/interview and teacher approval.